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Red Tags Explained

Utility company inspectors attach red tags on electric or gas-powered appliances or lines to let property owner know if they have been disconnected it from the main supply line.

This is done for safety reasons if there is an actual or potential gas leak or other serious malfunction, or if a property owner has fallen far behind on paying for utilities. (This is a pretty extreme step and most utilities will work with owners who are facing hardships that make it difficult to pay bills.)

ViITech Mechanical is licensed to make repairs on certain appliances that are powered by gas, as well as on gas lines.



A smart thermostat like this can be programmed and controlled remotely through a smartphone.
Gas pilot light.

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Heater with knob side control.


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It might be a bit of a surprise to the rest of the country, but it does get cold in the desert during winter nights! VITech Mechanical can service many of your heating needs during the chilly (well, to Arizonans) season.

Don't Shiver - Call Us to Fix Heating Problems!

It's not unusual for night time temperatures in Phoenix to drop to freezing or even below. By any standards, that's cold!

So when your heating system is out, you want service--and fast. Let VITech Mechanical take care of it for you--including emergency servicing.

We service gas heating systems, including wall and floor heaters and gas space heaters. And we can provide maintenance checks as well.

Common Reasons Behind Heating System Problems

We find that many heating problems we get called in to work on--such as cold air blowing out, or uneven heating in different rooms--are often caused by poor maintenance. Filters get clogged, mechanical parts wear down, and there can be problems with air circulation caused by clogged vents. For that reason, we urge customers to have their heating systems serviced at least once a year and to regularly change filters. 

Sometimes, the thermostat is the problem. It might have been switched to "auto" or it's having electrical problems. We can review it and recommend whether it makes sense to fix it or install a new, programmable thermostat. Some of the electric utilities in Arizona offer rebates for them. If you install a new thermostat, be sure to check to see if yours offers one.

Gas space heaters, which run on natural gas or liquefied petroleum, are both permanent installations or portable units. Those that are permanent usually have a flue or vent that allows the heaters to release water vapor, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. 

Problems can arise when units get dirty or their thermostats malfunction. Most will turn off when this happens. Dirty flues can also trap gases that need to escape. 

Non-vented heaters need to be in well-vented areas, and users must be careful to keep them clean. They should not be used when sleeping.

We urge customers who use gas space heating--which can be very efficient and effective--to install carbon monoxide monitors. 

Did Your Home Get Red Tagged?

Gas company inspectors will "red tag" a home, portion of a home, or appliance with a red tag to warn that it may be unsafe. This often happens after a fire or flood, or if a resident calls in to report a gas leak, identified by a foul odor similar to rotten eggs.

Don't be embarrassed--it happens to the best of us! The important thing is that everyone is safe and the culprit has been identified!

VITech Mechanical can repair or replace damaged gas-powered appliances including water heaters and fix gas line leaks to other appliances like furnaces, stoves, and ovens.

Call Us to Install a New Thermostat to Help You Save on Utility Bills!

Did you know that new "smart" thermostats can save you money on your utility bills?

These newer thermostats can be programmed to adjust heating to avoid higher charges during for high-use times. Even better, they can be controlled remotely, through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Plus, many utilities offer rebates when you install a new smart thermostat.