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Southwest Gas and COYLs

Did you know you own and are responsible any the primary gas  lines that run under your property? Now that you do, contact Southwest Gas and ask about their COYL program.

COYL--for Customer-Owned Yard Line--is a program that checks on the condition of these underground lines.  Through this program, Southwest Gas will inspect COYLs for free to determine if there are leaks.

COYLs are typically found in older  homes, and some may have more than one.

If there are--the access will be shut off while the leaks are repaired. Southwest Gas will repair the primary COYL and move the meter closer to the home, usually at no cost to the homeowner.

How do you know if you have a COYL? If your gas meter is close to your home, you probably have a very short (and likely newer) COYL or none at all. 

You can find out more about this program at the Southwest Gas COYL page.

A lot of customers tell us they want a gas line installed at their home because they miss gas heating and cooking.

Fair enough. Studies have shown that gas-powered heating warms up a room more quickly than an electricity-based HVAC. This is because gas heat is delivered through a forced-air system that's as much as 45 degrees warmer than air generated by electricity. You can read more about how this works in this article from the American Gas Association.

As for cooking--we understand that cooking on electric burners is something of a guessing game! Seeing a gas flame makes it easier to realize if you've been cooking at too high or too low temperatures. Plus, the actual temperature lowers much more quickly on a gas stove than an electric burner, which retains unnecessary heat for quite some time.

Gas also powers hot water heaters and other appliances like ovens and dishwashers. You don't have to change everything over all at once, but when you do, you'll save on utility and equipment costs.

Enjoy the Benefits of Gas Power in Your Home

Digging a trench to install a new gas line.
Gas powered fireplace
We'll install gas lines and connect your gas-powered appliances.

We Install Gas-Powered Appliances



Gas line to gas-powered generator.

Do You Want Natural Gas in Your Home? You Got It!

You don't just want gas heat and cooking, do you? You also want a gas-powered hot water heater, too!

We specialize in installing gas-powered appliances like hot water heaters and generators like the one above at the right.

You'll find that gas water heaters are less expensive to run than electric ones and will usually pay for themselves within a few years. Remember, they don't just warm heat for showers, but for your washer and dishwasher as well.

We'll also install the ventilation equipment and test everything to make sure everything is working as planned.

And for those of you with romantic sensibilities: we install gas fireplaces!

Contact Us to Install a Gas Line 

One of the myths we hear is that "no one uses natural gas in Arizona." We certainly haven't found that this is the case.

About one-third of homes in Arizona are connected to natural gas. It's less expensive than electricity, which is why more homeowners are installing gas lines and converting their heating and appliances to gas.

If you're considering a gas line installation, be sure to contact us for advice and an estimate. 

You know those "Call Before Digging!" notices you get from the gas company? They're needed because it's not always obvious where an underground gas line might be.

When you hire us to install a gas line, we will handle all the coordination with Southwest Gas to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. (We won't say that it isn't inconvenient to see your yard dug up for any reason--but we will make sure it's all done properly and in accordance with codes and other requirements.

We will also provide customized work such as connecting gas lines to generators (which must be outdoors) or to grills. Call us with your questions!